About Us

The Scuderia Advantage

Scuderia Motor Design has been producing specialized VIP luxury transports since 2003. Scuderia leads the industry in transforming MBZ Sprinter vans and other SUVs into some of the most productive, comfortable, safe and exclusive vehicles in the world today. Our reputation for excellence and quality is unmatched,

Over 13 Years Servicing The World’s Elite

Scuderia has produced vehicles for heads of state, top business executives, celebrities and VIPs around the world. We have shipped our vehicles to complete MENA Region. After delivery, follow up service becomes our number 1 priority.

The Significant Difference

Expertise and experience in combining advanced leading edge electronics, and hand tailored interior craftsmanship, with all modifications engineered to the highest safety standards; a combination that sets Scuderia apart from all the rest. Scuderia provides unparalleled customer service with a qualified service response team, robust training provided to each client’s operator and technicians.

Uncompromising Safety & Quality

Scuderia’s first priority is the safety of their customers. Scuderia maintain high quality material in all of their modifications, as there is no compromise for the ultimate passenger protection and quality.