The Mercedes Bus VIP Delegates experience takes the luxurious features of the Mercedes Bus to new heights, with private jet-inspired elements such as 26 VIP seats and a lavish interior. Passengers, particularly the esteemed VIP Delegates, can indulge in unmatched comfort and enjoy their journey with an impressive 11″ screen and noise-canceling headphones. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the Mercedes VIP Bus offers an unparalleled high-end experience that rivals the elegance of a private jet.


  • Sleek side panels integrated with motorized table
  • Cup holders and seat control buttons
  • Alcantara roof with star lights and dedicated air vents over every seat and map lights. Dedicated luxury mini bar with 50 liter fridge
  • Coffee machine and glass storage cabinets
  • Vanity powder and changing room
  • Motorized business class styled curtains
  • Soft carpeted walkway aisle with redesigned exterior wrappingMercedes Bus for VIP Delegates

Scuderia Motor Design