The Mercedes Bus Mobile Shop is a unique concept that combines the convenience of a mobile shop with the sophistication of Mercedes. This innovative vehicle is designed to bring retail experiences directly to customers, offering a wide range of products and services on the go. With its sleek design and versatility, the Mercedes Bus Mobile Shop provides a modern and stylish shopping experience. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or any other retail category, customers can browse and purchase their desired items right at their doorstep. Mobile Shop is revolutionizing the way people shop, making it more accessible, convenient, and exciting than ever before.Mercedes Bus into Gorgeous Mobile Retail shop


  • Mercedes Bus, Sleek side panels integrated with motorized table.
  • Cup holders and seat control buttons.
  • Alcantara roof with star lights and dedicated air vents over every seat and map lights.
  • Dedicated luxury mini bar with 50 liter fridge.
  • Coffee machine and glass storage cabinets.
  • Vanity powder and changing room.
  • Motorized business class styled curtains.
  • Soft carpeted walkway aisle with redesigned exterior wrapping 

Scuderia Motor Design