Car Luxury Interior Builder

Scuderia Motor Design, a leading car luxury interior builder, specializing in Mercedes, excels at transforming the standard interior of a vehicle into a personalized and luxurious space. With SMD expertise as a car luxury interior builder, Scuderia Motor Design creates bespoke automotive interiors that exude opulence and reflect the unique preferences of our clients, particularly in Mercedes vehicles. Using premium materials, advanced technologies, and meticulous craftsmanship as a luxury car interior builder, We ensure that every aspect of the Mercedes interior is tailored to perfection, offering a truly elevated driving experience that surpasses expectations.

Seat modifications

Modifying the seats to provide more comfort or support, or to fit the customer’s specific body shape or size.

Car upholstery in dubai

Car Upholstery Service

Creating unique upholstery designs that perfectly match the customer’s vision, using high-quality materials such as leather, suede, or Alcantara.

Smart TV and Apple TV

Audio and entertainment systems

Installing custom audio and entertainment systems that integrate seamlessly with the car’s interior design and provide a high-quality listening experience.

V Class Luxury Interior Design

Interior lighting

Adding interior lighting to enhance the look and feel of the interior, or to provide better visibility at night.


Headliner and carpet replacement:

Replacing worn-out headliners and carpets with high-quality, custom-designed materials that match the customer’s style and preferences


Central console design

Designing and building custom dashboards and consoles that provide a unique look and feel and incorporate advanced features such as touch screens, digital displays, or wireless charging.


Custom dashboard and Steering wheel

Creating customized steering wheel and dashboard that provide a better grip and feel, and match the customer’s aesthetic preferences.


Soundproofing and insulation:

Adding soundproofing and insulation to reduce noise and vibration inside the car, creates a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.


Scuderia Motor Design is all about creating a comfortable, elegant, and sophisticated environment for drivers and passengers
High-quality materials | Comfortable seating | Advanced technology | Customization options | Attention to detail | Spaciousness | Lighting

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