The Mercedes Bus Business Class is designed for business professionals. It has conference-style seating, perfect for productive meetings while traveling. It also includes an attached bathroom and a well-stocked pantry with storage cabinets, so passengers can freshen up and enjoy snacks during their journey. Plus, there’s a coffee maker for a hot cup of coffee anytime. The Mercedes Bus offers many options for on-the-go meetings, making business travel seamless and efficient.

  • Luxury seats with a compact center armrest
  • Built-in PA system
  • Both smart & foldable TV synced and amplified by premium sound system
  • Conference-styled seating with assets, an attached bathroom
  • Large pantry with a coffee maker, microwave, and numerous storage cabinets, and multiple ambient on board
  • Numerous options for on-the-go business meetingsMercedes Bus Business Class with mini kitchen and toilet

Scuderia Motor Design