Mercedes luxury Interior BusWelcome to Scuderia Motor Design, where we redefine luxury travel with our exceptional “Mercedes Luxury Interior Bus”. As specialists in bus interior custom design, we’ve elevated the Mercedes Bus to new heights, drawing inspiration from private jets to create a travel experience that’s second to none.

Mercedes Luxury Interior Bus: Where Luxury Meets the Road

Our “Mercedes Luxury Interior Bus” is a testament to opulence on wheels. We’ve meticulously crafted every detail to ensure that passengers experience the utmost in comfort, style, and sophistication.

Key Features of Our Mercedes Luxury Interior Bus:

  • VIP Delegates Experience: Our Mercedes Luxury Interior Bus experience takes luxury to new heights. Inspired by private jet interiors, it boasts 26 VIP seats and a lavish interior that’s perfect for esteemed VIP Delegates.

  • Immersive Entertainment: Passengers can indulge in unparalleled comfort and entertainment with an impressive 11-inch screen and noise-canceling headphones. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, our VIP Bus offers an experience that rivals the elegance of a private jet.

What We’ve Installed:

  • Sleek Side Panels and Motorized Table: Our design seamlessly integrates sleek side panels into the bus’s interior, creating an inviting and modern atmosphere. A motorized table adds flexibility to the space, ensuring passengers have a versatile environment at their fingertips.

  • Cup Holders and Seat Control Buttons: We’ve paid attention to the finer details, including cup holders and seat control buttons, to ensure convenience and comfort are always within reach.

  • Luxurious Alcantara Roof: The ceiling of our Mercedes Luxury Interior Bus is adorned with Alcantara, a premium material known for its tactile appeal. Embedded star lights create an ambiance that’s both elegant and enchanting, while dedicated air vents and map lights provide personalized comfort and convenience.

  • Dedicated Luxury Mini Bar: Indulge in a touch of luxury with our dedicated mini bar, complete with a 50-liter fridge, perfect for keeping refreshments cool.

  • Coffee Machine and Glass Storage Cabinets: For those who appreciate the finer things, our bus is equipped with a coffee machine and glass storage cabinets. Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee while on the road.

  • Vanity Powder and Changing Room: We’ve thoughtfully included a vanity powder area and a changing room, ensuring that passengers can freshen up and look their best throughout their journey.

  • Motorized Business-Class Styled Curtains: Privacy is paramount. Our motorized business-class styled curtains allow passengers to create a private, intimate space within the bus.

  • Soft Carpeted Walkway Aisle: The soft, carpeted walkway aisle adds an extra layer of comfort underfoot. Our redesigned exterior wrapping ensures that your Luxury Bus is as visually appealing on the outside as it is on the inside.

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