Mercedes Benz Viano VIP Van with Luxury Interior Mercedes Viano VIP Van with luxury interior

Welcome to Scuderia Motor Design, where luxury meets automotive excellence. We are proud specialists in crafting bespoke luxury interiors for the Mercedes Viano VIP Van, elevating every journey to an unparalleled level of comfort and sophistication. With unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, we transform your vehicle into a luxurious oasis on wheels, setting the standard for opulence and refinement.

Mercedes Viano VIP Van – Elevate Your Travel Experience:


  • VIP Passenger Seats: Indulge in the lap of luxury with our exquisitely designed VIP passenger seats, meticulously crafted to provide the utmost comfort and style for distinguished travelers.
  • Refrigerator: Stay refreshed on the move with a built-in refrigerator, ensuring your favorite beverages and snacks are readily available for your enjoyment.
  • Smart TV 40” with Amazon Fire TV: Immerse yourself in entertainment with a cutting-edge 40″ smart TV, featuring Amazon Fire TV for a vast selection of streaming options.
  • Intercom: Stay connected with all passengers through our integrated intercom system, ensuring seamless communication throughout your VIP travel.
  • Partition Air Vent: Optimize air circulation and climate control with strategically placed air vents in the partition area, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
  • Wireless Router: Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with a high-speed wireless router, ensuring you remain connected and productive while on the move.
  • Retractable Footstep: Enhance accessibility with a retractable footstep, allowing graceful entry and exit from your luxurious Viano VIP Van.
  • Automatic Motorized Table: Experience convenience and versatility with an automatic motorized table, effortlessly adjusting to your desired position for work or leisure.
  • Premium Music System: Delight in the richness of sound with our premium music system, delivering a symphony of high-fidelity audio to enhance your travels.
  • Star & Shooting Starlight: Create an enchanting atmosphere with our mesmerizing star and shooting starlight feature, turning your VIP Van into a celestial haven.
  • Spot Reading Lights & RGB Lights: Personalize your space with spot reading lights for focused illumination and RGB lights to set the ambiance to your preference.
  • Safe Locker: Ensure the security of your valuables with a built-in safe locker, providing peace of mind during your journeys.
  • Automatic Motorized Curtains: Enjoy privacy and elegance with our automatic motorized curtains, offering unrivaled comfort and style.
  • Pillar Lights: Enhance the allure of your Viano VIP Van with soft pillar lights, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance.
  • Smart Vehicle Control System: Seamlessly manage and customize various interior features through our intuitive smart vehicle control system, putting you in charge of your VIP experience..

At Scuderia Motor Design, we are committed to redefining luxury travel with our Mercedes Viano VIP Van customizations. Each feature is meticulously tailored to meet the highest standards of opulence and comfort, ensuring your journeys are as extraordinary as you are. Discover the epitome of luxury with Scuderia Motor Design. Contact us now to embark on a journey of automotive refinement.