Welcome to a world of luxury and innovation in vehicle interiors – introducing the Mercedes Sprinter Van, transformed by Scuderia Motor Design into the ultimate Sports Fitness VIP Van. This mobile haven redefines comfort and innovation, with attention to every detail to ensure an amazing travel experience.gym Sports Sprinter Van

Explore the standout features that make this van extraordinary:

  • Entertainment at Your Fingertips: Enjoy a large 55-inch Smart TV with Apple TV. Watch your favorite shows and stay connected on the go.

  • Gaming Fun: Play games like a pro with the built-in PS5 console. Get lost in exciting adventures during your travels.

  • Amazing Bose Sound: Experience crystal-clear sound with the Bose Music system. It’s like having a personal concert inside your van.

  • Seats that Adapt: Foldable seats give you flexibility. Make space for relaxation or fun activities.

  • Clever Storage: Smartly designed drawers under seats help you stay organized and keep things tidy.

  • VIP Comfort: Two VIP seats with massage and foldable tables bring luxury and productivity together.

  • Easy Refreshments: Convenient cup holders and wireless charging keep you refreshed and connected.

  • Elegant Flooring: Walk on a comfortable wooden floor that adds style to your travel space.

  • Fitness on the Move: Stay fit with the Sports Art Fitness Cycle Cardio Advisor display. It adjusts to your height for a comfy workout.

  • Luxurious Interior: Enjoy the feel of Alcantara and leather finishes that make your journey even more special.

  • Tasty Treats: Make use of the coffee machine and mini fridge for snacks and drinks.

  • Control at Your Fingertips: Manage everything with Full iPad Control. Change settings and entertainment with ease.

  • Vibrant Ambiance: Set the mood with RGB lights that create a cool atmosphere in your space.

Discover sophistication and practicality in our transformed Mercedes Sprinter Van interior. Whether you’re looking for a Sports Fitness Cycle Van, VIP Fitness Van, or VIP interior Van, Scuderia Motor Design can bring your vision to life. Enjoy luxury and innovation on the move, making every mile a delightful adventure. Your journey starts here.